Buy a German shelf UG with limited liability and little share capital

Would you like to set up a company in Germany with limited liability but have little equity? Then we recommend buying a UG as a shelf company. It is also called Mini-GmbH, UGmbH or small GmbH because it has the same characteristics as a GmbH despite its low share capital. If you decide to buy an existing UG from KLEVIS instead of starting a new company, you benefit from a short foundation period and immediate entry into the operative business.

Shelf UG – quick & uncomplicated foundation by KLEVIS

It usually takes a long time for a new company to be entered in the commercial register.
Your advantages when buying a fully established UG as a shelf company:

  • The company already exists.
  • The company has never been in business.
  • A business account already exists and only needs to be transferred to you.
  • Share capital has already been paid in.

We at KLEVIS relieve you of the bureaucratic preparations when you buy your company, e.g.:

  • Coordination of the name and the company location with the IHK (Chamber of Industry and Commerce)
  • Arranging an appointment with a notary for you
  • Transfer of the bank balance after the purchase price has been instructed and the transfer agreement is concluded
  • Sending of all business documents (e.g., excerpt from the commercial register)

As soon as you have received the business documents from us, you can start operating.

What is the difference between a UG and a GmbH?

The UG is basically a small GmbH. The only difference is in the paid-up share capital when the company was founded. While a sum of 25,000 euros has to be paid in with the GmbH, the sum for a UG can be much lower. Theoretically, you can buy a UG as a shelf company with share capital of just one euro. That is why this type of company is also known colloquially as 1-Euro-GmbH. In practice, however, you are not able to do business with such a small seed capital.

Convert UG into GmbH

As the UG with limited liability is a special form of the GmbH, you as a partner in a Mini-GmbH are obliged to build up reserves. As soon as the UG has reached the minimum capital of 25,000 euros, you have the option of converting your UG into a GmbH.

Additional service from KLEVIS

You can also benefit from our personal service after purchasing your company. Do you need office or conference rooms, telephone service or office service? Then make use of our domicile service. We offer full property management services as well.

For the optimal protection of your company, we work together with our partner company Michael Reinders. They will give you the opportunity to find the appropriate insurance on favorable terms.

If you are interested in our additional services, please let us know.

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